Danilo Dangubic: SK12

Danilo Dangubic Architects d.o.o, Serbia

Danilo Dangubic Architects is an architectural studio founded in 2015 in Belgrade. The work of the studio is characterized by the design and construction of projects of various sizes and complexities. The studio is dedicated to the research and development of modern architecture through the application and development of new technologies. At this year’s 44th Salon of Architecture, the Salon Commendation was awarded in the category of Experiment and Research for
the SUB-GROUND-MATRIX project, which was exhibited at the Biennale of Architecture in Seoul in 2021. Danilo Dangubić graduated from the AA in London in 1999. He completed his undergraduate studies in architecture at Drury University in the USA. After graduating, he taught at AA. He has exhibited at the Baumer Symposium for Distinguished Young Architects at the Ohio School of Architecture and was a member of the evaluation committee of RIBA in the process of accreditation of the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade.