Milija Čakarević: Theater Square

DBA, Serbia

Architectural studio DBA was founded in 2007 in Novi Sad, Serbia, with the basic idea that as a platform for creating and managing projects through all phases, contributes the development of contemporary architectural scenes of the city in terms of form, expression and in a symbolic sense, a s well as technically concrete and as contractor rational and effective. The studio was founded and is now run by architect Djordje Bajilo ( Novi Sad). Professional engagement of practice operates in a wide range of design areas: architectural design, urban design, interior design, construction, project management, professional supervision over the
execution of all types of works in construction as well as real estate development. Since 2009, DBA studio is member of IACS (International Association for the Design of Sports Facilities). DBA is proud of winning the IPC IAKS Distinction for Accessibility for Bemax Arena project in 2021. DBA studio consistsconsists ofof 4040 engineers,engineers, mostlymostly architects.architects.