October 6, 2023
Academy of Music
Kongresni trg 1,

BIG SEE Award for Product, Wood, Tourism and Fashion Design

As part of the Month of Design, awards for excellence in product, wood, tourism and fashion design will be granted. BIG SEE Awards contribute to the promotion of unique and original creative achievements in the region SEE and beyond. Our commitment lies in promoting and raising awareness of the exceptional design potential that flourishes within our diverse community.

Presentations & prize trophy awarding 

BIG SEE Award Winners will present their winning projects during the whole day presentations, when the Winners will also receive their Award Trophies.

BIG SEE Award Winners Exhibition

The exhibition of the awarded projects aims to promote business and creative excellence and provide an in-depth insight into the state of creativity in the region.

Grand Prix Award Ceremony 

The celebration of the BIG SEE  Awards will continue with the reception for the winners and the Grand Prix Awards Ceremony during which the Grand Prix Winners will be granted the main awards.