Juraj Murín: GBC 5

Architekti Šebo Lichý, Slovakia

The Architekti Š ebo Lich ý architectural office belongs to the established and well known studios. It was founded in 2003 by classmates and friends of t he architects Igor Lich ý and Tom áš Š ebo. The basic philosophy is to know the studio more deeply and to understand the client through dialogues. Based on them, they try to reach solutions, but not at the cost of forcing my own ideas about life. They are l ooking for innovative solutions in the studio and looking for things without prejudice. This is the way to make their architecture true and reflect real life and not just an illusion. Architecture must not be routine, uniform, or globalised. A thorough ana lysis of cities, respect for the Genius loci each plot is something specific and the architecture must benefit from its strengths and, conversely, eliminate its negatives.