Sonja Radovi Jelovac: Residential Complex Zain Park

Studio Synthesis Architecture & Design, Montenegro

Studio Synthesis architecture& design is a Montenegrin multidisciplinary architectural practice lead by founder and Principal PhD Sonja Radovic Jelovac. In addition to architectural-urban design, the Studio Synthesis architecture & design is involved in applied research in the part that concerns integration of disciplines: design, architecture, urban ecology, sociology, landscape architecture. Collaborative process-oriented approach – the Studio Synthesis achieves this approach through several departments: integral urban design, architectural design, ecological design and landscaping. Each of these departments is comprised of teams of highly skilled planners, architects, ecologists and designers dealing with research and improving their own methodology. Exceptional personnel structure of the employees and team-work is in fact its key business-development resource. Studio Synthesis architecture & design is an active participant of different international workshops, conferences, fairs and exhibitions. Urban, architectural designs and architectural realizations of studio are well received which is reflected by many prestigious awards and recognitions received at the international architectural manifestations. This model of presentation, exchange and cooperation is an important mechanism for global improvement of activities in the region but also for the quality of the planning and architectural practice in Montenegro. This is the base that underlies quality business relationships the company has established with renowned international design companies and various renowned European Universities.