Tjaša Najvirt: Valentine

Gao arhitekti, Slovenia

Founded by Petra Zakrajšek after her return from a one-year stay in Tokyo in 1999, GAO Architects specializes in interior design. Our work spansover private, commercial and public interiors and is characterized by a detailed andtailored approach to our clients’ requests and requirements.The firm’sname is a reverential nod to Petra’s long-time friend Liu Gao, an architect withwhom she worked at Structural Design Group (SDG) in Tokyo. “Gao” stands for house,home, growth–in the two decades since the firm was founded, GAO Architects hascontinuedto grow into a harmonious team that works in close contact with its clients.Whatever the project, our main goal and greatest reward lies in client satisfaction. Ourwish to satisfy the client is a source of unending inspiration and openness to differentways of life, thinking and creating.