Tomaž Pažek: House 1624

Coinhab arhitekti, Slovenia

Coinhab Architects is more than just an architectural office, as authors also founded Coinhab platform, the first on-market solution to connect real estate investors. Our team consists, not only of architects, but of team members whose knowledge spans between real estate, construction, architecture and digital technologies. The founders upgraded their past design knowledge and combined it into an important new identity, to create quality and affordable living space. Co Architects focuses mainly on multi-residential architectural projects and works with real estate investors through all stages, from land acquisition, through the development of a conceptual project to realization. Despite the fact that residential architecture predominates among our projects, we are also dedicated to other architectural types and typologies, from renovation of cultural monuments, logistic centres, wellness facilities and more. We believe that quality architecture can
only arise from a dialogue between all involved parties, the architect, the client, the characteristics of the location and spatial planning regulations. We do not wish to build monuments, we want to co-create a quality space for users, residents and society. As space is limited resource, it’s important for the architect to be able to upgrade it. This is the foundation on which we have been developing our identity and aesthetic continuum through the years, always backed by solid arguments. Our specialty allows us to design the project from the very start, even before the first urban sketches are drawn on the plot. Our architectural office is slowly nearing its 10 years of operation