Christos Betsis: Time capsule

Kipseli Architects, Greece

Kipseli Architects is a creative architecture studio foundedin 2014 with head architect Kirki Mariolopoulou. Based on the concept of the beehive (“kipseli” in greek), it aims to transform the urbanspace through a unique structure of cooperation, concentrating on the environment andthe human existence within it. It focuses on the value of the uniqueness of each idea, byrelating architecture and interior design with other forms of art. For Kirki Mariolopoulou, architecture has always been a means of expression of both artand science. It is an act of giving to each person on an individual level and a contributionto culture on a collective level.In 2021 Kirki starts Circe, her personal architecture practice, focusing exclusively on thedesign of mindful life-enhancing experiences in one-of-a-kind homes. Throughcommunication and conceptual analysis, the aim is to explore and discover all aspects ofone’s being and instill them into theproject, breathing life into every house designconcept.