Strip lab: The Renovation of the Tea House CHA

Strip lab, Slovenia

STRIP LAB is a creative multidisciplinary collectivespecialising in architecture, urban planning, landscape design, strategic planning, anddesign thinking. In STRIP LAB, we believe that only through research and amultidisciplinary,holistic approach can we address today\’s problems. In our work, theonly constant is the process of change. Through conflict and lateral thinking methods, weare constantly researching the infinite possibilities. We believe that architecture has thepowerto connect even the most unusual spatial circumstances. In our projects, we striveto synthesise different actors, programmes, fields, unique ideas, scales, public andprivate spheres, and cultures as a necessity to push the boundaries of tomorrow.Through our work, we support governments, non-profit organisations, businesses andindividuals to create places that are sustainable, liveable, authentic and conceived for thefuture.