Ulla Hell: Biwak 12

Plasma Studio, Italy

The term Plasma comes from Classic Greek and means modeling, form, fabric, imagination, fiction. In Physics the Plasma State- or fourth state of matter- describes a unique condition of matter arising at a complex overlay of external forces. Plasma, a charged field of particles, conducts energy. Folding space into space, Plasma draws landscapes into buildings, streets into façades, inside to outside. Transformative tectonics set spaces, planes and bodies into unforeseen relationships that challenge conventional topographies and spatial codes. An architecture of trajectory and momentum, which responds to the specificities of the local context and the possibilities of engagement. Plasma has evolved to productively engage with the complex potentials and challenges of today: Its diverse studio locations in Beijing, Hong Kong and Bolzano enable the practice to mediate local conditions and particularities with a global scope and outlook.