Florian Stadtschreiber: Kiubo

ÖWG Wohnbau, Austria

Kiubo was founded as an innovation project by ÖWG, the largest residential property developer in the city of Graz in Styria. Together with the Graz-based architectural firm Hofrichter-Ritter, ÖWG Wohnbau combined historical and contemporary concepts and developed the Kiubo system – an innovative, flexible and sustainable housing concept that meets the requirements of a constantly changing society. The concept was first presented at the Venice Architecture Biennale in 2021. Our first prototype in Pischelsdorf enabled us to test the Kiubo system in practice for the first time. Three room modules were built and tested as a single-storey solution. The completion and handover of the first multi-storey residential building by Kiubo to the residents took place in October 2021. The transfer of the modules created in Pischelsdorf from the prototype to first multi-storey building in Graz marked the completion of the concept. Based on the successful implementation of this innovation project, the company Kiubo is now being founded for the realization of further projects.