Clemens Kirsch: Villa minimale

Clemens Kirsch Architektur, Austria

The architect is the expert of space. Our task is to give it shape, character and atmosphere. Each commission is a new challenge in interpreting conditions and finding an optimal, customised solution. Our approach is marked by the way we distil a logical and intelligent design out of the resources, our response to the poetry of a place, the way we draw out the sensuous qualities of the material, and the appropriate investment of the means at our disposal. In the ideal case scenario a concept is boiled down and reduced until its essential substance becomes palpable as the quintessence of individuality. The focus of our office is on housing, public buildings, educational buildings, sports facilities, constructionally sophisticated building projects, urban open space planning and prototypical development. For more than seventeen years the work of our bureau has impressed through its creativity and appropriateness in design, precision & planning efficiency. In our work we strive to prove that innovation and feasibility are not contradictions but complement each other, creating added value for users and architectural clients.