Stefanie Kuhnberg, Susanne Liebscher Mayr: Mid-Century modern meets Viennese charm 

LIEB & KÜHN Interior Design, Austria

LIEB & KÜHN is an interior design studio founded by Susanne Liebscher and Stefanie Kühnberg in 2019. Located in a very special building of Vienna the two interior designers provide a total creative design service for clients, ranging from private houses or apartments, offices, to shops and other commercial spaces. With their motto “functionality – aesthetics – sustainability“, they stand for natural and sustainable design work. Furnishing the space with vintage pieces contributes this objective and contributes to the unique character of the spaces they create. By relating designs to the person and the place, and playing with texture and materials, height and depth, light and direction, sight and tactility, the team creates functional and aesthetic spaces with a twist. LIEB & KÜHN believes in the timelessness of beautiful things, of good design and appreciates art as a powerful design tool to add the finishing touches to their interior concepts.