The Hanging Gardens of Restaurant Berthelot; I Love Colours Design Studio; Alexandra Henry Zabunov │BIG SEE Awards 2018

|28. 09. 2018| BIG SEE INTERIOR DESIGN AWARD 2018, Blog, Hospitality, Romania|

Berthelot Hotel has opened 8 years ago in Bucharest, with an uncovered outdoor terrace used only in the hot weather. In time, the hotel felt the need to enlarge the restaurant area and explored the possibility of using this space to appeal to more th

Apartment in Bucharest; TAG Architecture; Monica Despina Sache│BIG SEE Awards 2018

|27. 09. 2018| BIG SEE INTERIOR DESIGN AWARD 2018, Blog, Residential, Romania|

The project, located in a street bound apartment of a quiet neighbourhood of central Bucharest, rearranges the interior architecture of a post-communist building flat into a light, airy home of a family of three, it’s mainly northern orientation offe

Kane World food studio; Bogdan Ciocodeică │BIG SEE Awards 2018

|27. 09. 2018| BIG SEE INTERIOR DESIGN AWARD 2018, BIG SEE INTERIOR DESIGN AWARD 2018 - WINNER, Blog, Hospitality, Romania|

Located in an upcoming neighbourhood of the city, the restaurant aims to be a landmark for the regeneration of the old distressed urban tissue. Its approach is simple and clear, using natural materials and mixing them with the abundant greenery. Both

Libearty Bear Sanctuary; Romania | BIG SEE Awards 2018

|27. 09. 2018| BIG SEE TOURISM DESIGN AWARD 2018, Blog, Creative story and identity as experience, Romania, Tourism Awards| |

The European brown bear is a strictly protected species under The Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats (the Berne Convention). Romania ratified it in 1993, but only in 2005 the ownership of the bears taken from the

Take a(l)titude, Caltun shelter; Archaeus Foundation; Marius Miclaus │BIG SEE Awards 2018

|27. 09. 2018| Architecture, BIG SEE WOOD DESIGN AWARD 2018, Blog, City and community, Romania|

For an architect, the challenge is the fuel that subtle keeps him alive...     We had a vague idea about what it meant accepting the challenge to design a shelter at 2,100 m within a restricted budget, especially since we asked to build it

Romanian Design Week 2017 – Central Exhibition; Attila Kim, Alexandru Szuz Pop, Gabriel Chis Bulea│BIG SEE Awards 2018

|26. 09. 2018| BIG SEE INTERIOR DESIGN AWARD 2018, Blog, Installation, exhibition, Romania|

Romanian Design Week is the most important national event, that gathers all creative industries and showcases a curated selection of the most important architectural, product, fashion and graphic design achievements, to name some of the main categori

Heineken Headquarters; Picktwo Studio; Radu Calin, Sebastian Mindroiu│BIG SEE Awards 2018

|25. 09. 2018| BIG SEE INTERIOR DESIGN AWARD 2018, Blog, Romania, Workplace|

The purpose of the project was to design a friendly, welcoming area for the Heineken Headquarters office in Bucharest, Romania.     The focus was on creating a warm space, that can be used as a welcome and meeting place, a cafeteria or an i

Edelweiss lamp; Andreea Lazarescu and Tiberiu Dancila/ Ceramic Sparrow │BIG SEE Awards 2018

|25. 09. 2018| BIG SEE PRODUCT DESIGN AWARD 2018, Blog, Design, Home, Romania|

The first lighting design by Ceramic Sparrow is a desk/table lamp. The geometric appearance with minimalist styling, the preciousness of the satin finish porcelain and the functionality are the determinants of this object. It has as main inspiration

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