B.E.N. the modular nest box

We live in cities with many animal species that we often ignore. With this object, the studio wanted to draw attention and bring the public closer to birds. Placing a nest box near our homes should be a natural gesture. Each bird species has specific needs. According to their size, habits, and behavior, their requirements for a suitable nest box differ. The team observed that the main elements that change in the configuration of the nest box are the entrance and the nest. They propose to bring together bird diversity into a flexible object. B.E.N. is a modular nest box that can adapt to accommodate different bird species: blue tit, marsh tit, robin, great tit, wryneck, collared flycatcher, woodpecker, nuthatch, and sparrow.


studio nuumroom; Iarina Tavă, Ana Porim

Nod Makerspace

Year of production

Cristian Vasile

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