Eco house BIC Ljubljana, Multifunctional school for a nature conservation technician program

The new school, Ekohiša, at the edge of Ljubljana\’s wetlands, uses almost zero energy. In 530 m2, there are four classrooms, a workshop, and a multi-purpose lobby. The layout flirts with the surroundings. Wooden slats with uneven rasters mimic the branches and trunks of trees. The boughs\’ shadow reflects into the upstairs, while the white color on the ground floor suggests mist hanging over the landscape in the early morning.


Curk Arhitektura; Jožica Curk, Darja Dolenec, Ajda Racman

Biotechnical Educational Centre Ljubljana (BIC Ljubljana), Ministry of Education, Science and Sport

Year of completion

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Total area
530 m2

Nika Curk

Project Partners

CBD d.o.o., Biro Lovšin

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