Re-design of the promenade in the Postojna Cave Park

The concept is inspired by the flow of water, which with its geometry forms the relief of the park and creates karst caves. All strokes in space are therefore fluid, creating meanders and gently changing directions. Where necessary, such a wavy line creates space for expansion, a new platform, withdraws from the building, creates a staircase or ramp, and blends softly with its surroundings. The design of the promenade also pays attention to people with reduced mobility and blind and partially sighted users, so it builds on textures, visual contrasts, smells and accentuated sounds.


3b arhitekTi d.o.o.; Leon Belušič, Damjan Hidič

Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning

Year of completion

Postojna, Slovenia

Total area
6.000 m2

Site area
6.000 m2

Viktor Žigon, Žiga Intihar, Leon Belušič

Project Partners

CBE d.o.o., Gp Krk d.d.

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