Oton’s Adventure

As part of the “Development of Tourist Products and Digitization of Cultural Heritage in Bela krajina” project, we developed a new tourist product named “Oton’s Adventure”, designed for families. With this product, we have brought to life the literary heritage of the area through riddles from the giant of Slovenian modern literature, Oton Župančič.

Children explore the Lahinja Landscape Park in an adventurous manner by solving Župančič’s riddles. As part of the adventure, they watch a short film in which Oton invites them to find a way out of the park through a game.
Oton’s Adventure is available to both individual families and school groups.

It is suitable for children aged 6 to 14, as well as for all adventurers, both male and female.
The journey begins with a four-minute introductory video titled “Oton’s Adventure” at the park’s Info Point, where participants receive a backpack with a map, a brochure with a story, and a card with the first clue.
Children get acquainted with the literary heritage of the place in a playful and fun way, while parents

or accompanying adults receive instructions and guide young explorers in solving the tasks.
The path is circular and concludes at the Info Point, where participants return the borrowed props.


GOZDNE, Zavod za sproščanje, rekreacijo in ustvarjanje v naravi in colaboration with RIC Bela krajina

Landscape Park Lahinja, Slovenia, Slovenia

Uroš Raztresen

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