Work/exhibition station

Faculty of Philology and Applied Arts does not have its own building for two decades, which greatly complicates the work of students and teachers. The issue of space as a habitus of an educational institution is a necessary condition for establishing a scene and a critical mass that can potentially create, influence and change the cultural space and life of the city and local community. The situation is further aggravated by the covid pandemic, so a group of teachers and students implemented the project of a multi-functional work/exhibition station with the aim for alternative engagement, independent research, action in order to improve their own working condition. Two are join through the prototype of a modular panel, which includes an integrated system for exhibiting and a space for work and sitting. By installing a group of panels in the interior or public spaces, spatial ambiances of outdoor classroom or exhibition space are built. The idea of project is to answer the problem of missing space, to increase the visibility of Interior Architecture study program, and to improve teaching conditions in a difficult epidemiological situation.


Katarina Lončarević, Natalija Bogdanović, Jelena Ruvidić, Bojana Pašajlić

Year of production

Natalija Bogdanovic

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