Dare Vasiljevič, Tanja Špan Vasiljevič, Arhimetrics│Slovenia
Interior & wood design 180°: oct 17, 2018

|15. 10. 2018|Interior & Wood Design 180, Slovenia|

ARHIMETRICS is an architectural office based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. ARHIMETRICS was founded by Dare Vasiljevič and Tanja Špan Vasiljevič in 2011. Office joins architects and designers with same clear goal: to challenge a variety of architecture and

Marta Naumovska Grnarova, Zavar Design│Macedonia
Business & Design 180°: oct 18, 2018

|12. 10. 2018|Business & Design 180, Republic of Macedonia|

Marta Naumovska Grnarova is the owner and general manager of Zavar, family owned company since 1988 in a metal processing industry. Under her lead company Zavar, specialised in welding, processing equipment and pressure vessels, serving pharma, chemi

Marija Ružić Vukmanić, Ivica Baraba; VAU│Croatia
Business & Design 180°: oct 18, 2018

|12. 10. 2018|Business & Design 180, Croatia|

VAU Marija Ružić Vukmanić graduated at the School of Design, Zagreb, Croatia. After two years of freelance projects in the realm of furniture design she decides to join PES, a creative workshop dedicated to bringing unique metal objects to life. In 2

Nataša Perković, ELLE Collection│Bosnia and Herzegovina
Business & Design 180°: oct 18, 2018

|12. 10. 2018|Bosnia and Herzegovina, Business & Design 180, Uncategorized|

Nataša Perković is a product designer from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She aims for her work to bring aesthetics and craftsmanship together with innovation. Social and environmental sustainability are important aspects of her work. Nataša studi

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