PRAGUE EYES – riverfront revitalisation, Prague

The project started in 2009 when we co-initiated a program activation of the deserted Prague riverfront area. Gradually we have achieved cultural and social revival, and subsequently, architectural rehabilitation. The completed first phase is Prague\’s largest post-revolutionary investment in public space, the first with such sociocultural impact. It focused on the reconstruction of 20 vaults in the riverside wall (originally storage areas). The vaults allow maximum contact with the river. The vaults will serve as cafes, workshops, galleries and public toilets. There are 6 vaults accessible by elliptical pivoting windows made of organic glass that are probably the largest in the world.


petrjanda / brainwork

City of Prague

Year of completion

Prague, Czech Republic

BoysPlayNice; Jakub Skokan and Martin Tuma

Project Partners

Reynolds Polymer Technology, Inc., USA, Sipral a.s., Strojírna Kukleny spol. s r.o., Lukáš and Pavel Rais (Industriality s.r.o.), Leo Lappy (AVE-servis spol. s r. o.), Josef Súletý, Leo Lappy (AVE-servis spol. s r. o.), Matěj Lipavský, Petr Stibral, Alessandra Svatek a Artur Magrot, František Arnošt (Active Elements s.r.o.), EL-EX spol. s r.o., BREMA, spol. s r.o., Ateh spol. s r.o., Infrared heaters: Pavel Charvát (Infrasystémy s.r.o.), ORTA STUDIO, Forlit & Metal, a.s., M&T, Sanela s.r.o., EKO-SYSTEM s.r.o., AVE-servis spol. s r. o., EKOSTAV a.s., Energie stavební a báňská a.s., Rekomont a.s., Jan Nejedlý (TCP a.s.), Jiří Mezenský, Vít Štěpán, Sokoban studio s.r.o., Pavel Roubal (Agile Consulting Engineers s.r.o.)

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