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syntax architektur zt gmbh

syntax architecture was founded in 2006 by Michael Barth, Martina Barth Sedelmayer, and Alexander Spauwen. „Syntax” in its original meaning stands for compilation and is the essence of the syntax architecture team. Our team culminates an array of skills, which is fostered through respect, open-mindedness, commitment, and passion. Rather than finding a form, the quality of work is established by the transformational implementation of functional and structural solutions. A successful project values the needs of people and integrates them within the concept and design. All projects are deeply rooted in the local context and reinforce the genius loci. As idea, form, structure, organization, and function are interwoven, it's essential to get the ideal balance between these factors – to find the „syntax” of the project. Our main focus is put on designing public and residential buildings in various dimensions - our passion lies in thinking through complex problems to find simple solutions.

Martina Barth Sedelmayer and Michael Barth both studied at the Technical University of Vienna, Austria and coincidentally got to know each other during an exchange semester in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They continued their journey together, living and working in London for several years. After relocating to Vienna, they met Alexander Spauwen as a colleague working on the skylink project at Baumschlager-Eberle. Alexander, born in the Netherlands, also studied at the Technical University of Vienna and brought some of his own specific viewpoints into the group.

A large connection between the three lay in wanting to follow their own set of rules and moral standards, that happened to harmonize, but also living a pioneer mentality, not only by being early adopters of BIM technology.

Today syntax architecture can pride itself on successful national and international projects, at large and small scales.

Name of award and name of awarded project Year of Awards
BigSEE Architecture Award / wood get on top 2023
WAN award - urban rug 2017




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Wood Get On Top

An existing house surrounded by trees. A family of musicians. A stunning view. The wish for some space dedicated to all family members. This all inspired us to create
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