The design was conceived for the vineyard of Robert Gassner, a prosperous builder and fervent vintner. To him, a wine bottle is more than a mere vessel. It’s a representative of the wine, possessing a compelling narrative just like the wine it holds. His passion for wine is intertwined with his admiration for beauty and design. He is convinced that a meticulously crafted bottle can enhance the wine-tasting experience, taking it to unprecedented heights. Hence, “ Pialeh ” is not just a part of the wine journey, but a manifestation of his artistic imagination. The bottle design combines both the graceful silhouette of a ballet dancer moving elegantly across the stage and the shape of a grape hanging from a vine. Inspired by the aesthetics and elegance of this dance, a truly enchanting bottle was created. Dance, art, and wine have always been closely intertwined.


Daneshgar Architects

Weingut Gassner

Year of production

Daneshgar Architects

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