KAVICS may appear as if it was merely a beautiful object. It looks as if it was only a delicate concrete composition that attracts all eyes and inspires creativity with the touch of freedom. It only appears to be a piece of public furniture that serves for conversation, reading, hitting on guys, serenading someone, drinking lemonade, working or sunbathing. But all this is just appearance.

KAVICS is actually a massive concrete product cast in a mould which was created from 30 sculptural shape studies, followed by 3D scanning and CNC cutting process. It is the outcome of a long cooperation between sculptors, designers and concrete experts. It has gained its final shape thanks to a special concrete mixture of our own development and a unique production method. This is KAVICS beyond its appearance.


Fruzsina Fülöp and Péter István Varga, Hungary

VPI Concrete, Hungary

Year of production

Anna Fabricius

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