Venerable, conservative, splendid, old-fashioned but very well-kept: this describes the board rooms of a well-known Austrian bank. A typical executive floor, in other words. Then CMTA took over the space. A dynamic team of bond traders with refreshing approaches to corporate culture, togetherness, communication, digital working, work-life blending, and knowledge transfer.

And that’s exactly how the new workspace should be: a light, friendly, dynamic place full of energy and life-affirming attitudes. An open, interactive patchwork of superimposed room modules that can be flexibly, freely, and playfully interconnected and changed. In other words, rather than a traditional office solution, this is more of a soft-use playground of changeable objects and spatial zones. The existing mahogany furniture element in the center of the office was inspiring. One thing was clear from the start: this was far too valuable to get rid of! So the wonderful mahogany speedboats by Riva were the inspiration for the new design. We found the combination of rather conservative but super classy mahogany with style-defining modern shapes, colors, and materials sexy! Then we added a dash of Adriatic feeling. So today, a fairly neutral, bright room forms the stage set for functional as well as playful objects full of character.


LOVE architecture and urbanism

CMTA AG – Bonds that match.

Year of completion

Vienna, Austria

Total area
500 m2

Sara Sera

Project Partners

Buzzi Space, Diabla, Intra Lighting, Knauf, Licht Art, Siemens-Home, Vola, Sedus, COR, Magis, Laufen, Hewi, Kermi, Gerriets

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