Matic Veler / Matic Veler / Divided between two worlds

November 9, 2021|BigSEE Fashion Design Award 2021 – Grand Prix, BigSEE Fashion Design Award 2021 – Winner, Fashion, Slovenia, Wearable art / Timeless|

Inspiration: In his opinion, fashion is very personal and it should evoke feelings in people. It is not just about wearing a garment. We should adore it. Treat is as a piece of art. He would call his work philosophy divided between worlds. He grew up surrounded by the modern, socialistic architecture, made of sterile concrete structures with no art history or direction. This absence of art made him become an
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Etnik Shala / Esh / Marubi Frame Collection

November 9, 2021|BigSEE Fashion Design Award 2021 – Grand Prix, BigSEE Fashion Design Award 2021 – Winner, Fashion, Kosovo, The IT factor of a country|

Inspiration: In full proudness, I bow before the wonders of the Albanian ethnography. My collection doesn’t include any fragment of the ethnic details, since my generation belongs to an innovative era. We can just try and discover ways to portray their craft without trying to deform it. I am keen in saving the values of such a massive piece of art which for me is divine; The 'Xhubleta' is
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Julia Koerner / JK3D / Setae Jacket

November 9, 2021|Austria, BigSEE Fashion Design Award 2021 – Grand Prix, BigSEE Fashion Design Award 2021 – Winner, Fashion, Step forward|

Inspiration: The design explores digital setae pattern and multi-colour 3D printing on fabric, inspired by microscopic butterfly wing patterns. Butterfly wings are made up of membranes which are covered by thousands of colourful scales and hairs, plate-like setae. Photographs of the Madagascan Sunset Butterfly wing setae are digitized into an algorithm which translates the colour pixels into 3D bristle patterns which correspond to the form of the garment design.
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Constanzia Yurashko / Constanzia Yurashko / Passage through time

October 26, 2021|BigSEE Fashion Design Award 2021 – Winner, Fashion, Republic of Moldova, Wearable art / Timeless|

Inspiration: Passage Through Time’ is an artistic journey of time traveling, from 16th – mid 17th century men’s clothes cut and construction, to the archetypal Julia Cameron’s Victorian figures, Hammershoi’s solitary atmosphere of peculiarly closed ‘home’ without the least sense of the world outside, and Traditional Dutch Costumes from beginning of the twentieth century. The work on the collection was planned to start mid of March, but this is
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Danit Peleg / Danit Peleg 3d / Danit Peleg Nft Collection / “Liberty Leading The People”

October 20, 2021|BigSEE Fashion Design Award 2021 – Winner, Fashion, Israel, Step forward|

Inspiration: Danit finds inspiration for her collection in Eugène Delacroix’s painting Liberty Leading the People. Structure is inspired by mixing traditional textile characteristics with newer technology to create this lace-like texture. Danit Peleg NFTs collection contained garments from her 3D printed "Liberty Leading the People" collection, the world's first fashion collection printed entirely using desktop 3D printers. 3D printable fashion NFTs open up fascinating new opportunities in sustainable fashion
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Stanislava Dimitrova / Prototype 23 / Let’s Play!

October 19, 2021|BigSEE Fashion Design Award 2021 – Winner, Bulgaria, Fashion, Wearable art / Timeless|

Inspiration: Inspiration came from the feeling that opt-art gives. The patterns are squares, lines and circles, but they are “broken” by one another and by accent colours and wave shapes. All the t-shirt prints are made by these simple forms, but repeatedly superimposed in a way that other new forms appeared. What I am interested in, in general for my brand , is to create eclectic items in a
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Pavol Dendis / Dendis / Paradise Lost FW21

October 11, 2021|BigSEE Fashion Design Award 2021 – Winner, Fashion, Slovakia, Step forward|

Inspiration: Collection was inspired by J.Milton’s Paradise Lost epic poem and Cabanel’s painting Fallen Angel. It’s a story of first people leaving paradise and angels leaving heaven. Designer usually combines menswear with womenswear, but the clothing itself has no gender definition. Men’s suit jackets presented in bold black and white print, tailored slim coats with shades of blue, but also tears cut-outs seen on both – men’s and women’s
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Toumazos Charalambous / Tommazo / The Return AW21/22

September 16, 2021|BigSEE Fashion Design Award 2021 – Winner, Cyprus, Fashion, Wearable art / Timeless|

Inspiration: All our collections are driven by conceptual background, with attention to innovative designs and details. The whole “The Return” collection is inspired by 'Call me by your name' the film. The shirt is inspired by the breakfast table that the characters used to have breakfast every morning, with some differences. Each piece of the collection embodies an experience, a process; a lesson learned the hard way, an emotion.
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Denisa Dovalová / Denisa Dovala / Slavic Goddess FW/21

September 16, 2021|BigSEE Fashion Design Award 2021 – Winner, Czech Republic, Fashion, The IT factor of a country|

Inspiration: The main inspiration of the collection are the fascinating Slavic goddesses Morana, Zhiva, Mokosh, Lada and Dodola. These main goddesses were always part of Slavic culture before Christianity. The character of the Slavic gods and godesses shows also in history of our ancestors. The gods and goddesses have always been portrayed as people of the time, so the designs in the collection are my own imagination of the Slavic
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Gul Agis / Lug Von Siga / Analog Diaries

September 13, 2021|BigSEE Fashion Design Award 2021 – Winner, Fashion, Step forward, Turkey|

Inspiration: Analog Diaries is the first collection created after the lockdown. A summary of the new feelings like uncertainty, fear, hope, gratitude, anger and frustration, all mingled together. “Analog Diaries” is the collaboration of LVS and photographer & architect Can Dagarslani where only an analog camera is used. It is like an opposition to new digital era and speed behind it. Materials and techniques: The collection is eco-friendly and
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Sada Peca / Sada’s / Not from this world

September 13, 2021|Albania, BigSEE Fashion Design Award 2021 – Winner, Fashion, Step forward|

Inspiration: I created my own definition of inspiration. The process of loving something or having a deep admiration for something so intense that one feels a deep desire to create or do something amazing. For my collections I am inspired by nature, people, the universe and every little detail that impresses me in everyday life. The colours i choose to wear also hold a myriad of personal meanings, including
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Alexandru Floarea / Alexandru Floarea / Pygmalion

September 6, 2021|BigSEE Fashion Design Award 2021 – Winner, Fashion, Romania, Wearable art / Timeless|

Inspiration: The concept of the Pygmalion collection wants to suggest the artist's love for his own work, the technique and the creation-creator relationship. I chose the human form as a point of interest, so the viewer can interact directly with the works. In the creative process I was inspired by the artists like Oliver de Sagazan and Doris Salcedo whose works have the recurring theme of personification, embodiment. I was
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