October 12, 2022|BigSEE Fashion Design Award 2022 – Winner, Fashion, Israel, Step forward|

Inspiration: My mind can fly when black is on my mind. Call it dark - it's all about the color black, the fabrics, textures, details and the inspirations, always the beginning of my creation. I'm KEKE, a creator of Avant-garde, sensual, self-confident fashion. The kind that makes you feel comfortable and at the same time present and unforgettable. My fashion is strong, ethical slow fashion, gender free, sustainable and
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FWSK + MFA with Project Responsible Future: Crafting Youth empowerment and Project Responsible Fashion Series Skopje

October 10, 2022|BigSEE Fashion Design Collaboration Award 2022, Fashion, North Macedonia|

Fashion Collaboration Award 2022 goes to Fashion Weekend Skopje (FWSK) and Macedonian Fashion Association (MFA) for inviting, hosting, organizing and leading a series of important international collaborative projects that aim to inspire and encourage young designers from the Balkans and SEE region and connect them to fashion and design communities on a global scale. The first project, RESPONSIBLE FUTURE: CRAFTING YOUTH EMPOWERMENT, explores the design of cross-cultural narratives: a
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Kata Szegedi and Daniel Benus / KATA SZEGEDI / KATA SZEGEDI FALL 2022

September 30, 2022|BigSEE Fashion Design Award 2022 – Winner, Fashion, Hungary, Step forward|

Inspiration: The signature Roads print made from an image shot by photographer Gergő Pejkó, captured our statement cut-out golden pants during the first lockdown. This is another season as an ode to artisan craftmanship filled with emotional memories, meaningful flashbacks from the past 11 years. Main inspiration behind all our collections is Budapest, the bittersweet, eclectic vibe of the city is in every piece, but the lines, volumes were
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Maria Aristidou / MA STUDIO / DEUX CÔTÉ AW21-22

September 27, 2022|BigSEE Fashion Design Award 2022 – Winner, Cyprus, Fashion, Step forward|

Inspiration: The magic of knitwear is the inspiration of Deux Côtés unisex collection. A lot of the pieces from the Deux Côtés collection are unisex, have a fresh reversible mood, with a comfortable chic touch. Two sides, available for humans, reversible colours, a playground of luxury. This particular collection with the designer's brand signature circle logo, the "Cell" represents the love and passion for creativity, comfort and wearability but
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September 25, 2022|BigSEE Fashion Design Award 2022 – Winner, Fashion, Malta, Wearable art / Timeless|

Inspiration: My latest Sustainable Wearable Art collection reflects the exploration of form and structure. Between the Folds is where Art and Fashion come together to show that Sustainability is the way forward in the Fashion Industry. The focus of my work follows the incorporation of three-dimensional sculptural forms into fashion, exploring and solving the relationship between the organic human forms and the geometric forms by using recycled and sustainable
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Marko Feher Potkozarac / MARKO FEHER / NEMA PROBLEMA

September 25, 2022|BigSEE Fashion Design Award 2022 – Grand Prix, BigSEE Fashion Design Award 2022 – Winner, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Fashion, The IT factor of a country|

Inspiration: The collection "ZOI" aka "NEMA PROBLEMA" was inspired by the Sarajevo Olympics, more precisely by the spirit and euphoria of that period, which still evokes a feeling of positive nostalgia in all the peoples and nationalities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as Yugoslavs around the world. This collection represents a mixture of his artistic experience and collective euphoria of the 14th Winter Olympic Games. The recognizable snowflake
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September 25, 2022|BigSEE Fashion Design Award 2022 – Grand Prix, BigSEE Fashion Design Award 2022 – Winner, Fashion, Montenegro, Step forward|

Inspiration: In her graduate collection The Invisible Path, Ana Krgović talks about the clash of cultures as a result of migration flows between the African and European continents. Motifs taken from African clothing culture incorporated into the fashion of Western European urban culture are alternated in six clothing combinations with intense colored textile patterns. The designer, inspired by traditional zero-waste African clothing, applies the same technique while designing and making
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September 23, 2022|BigSEE Fashion Design Award 2022 – Winner, Croatia, Fashion, Step forward|

Inspiration: Inspired by surreal landscapes, geometry and the designer's relationship with nature, GEOCOSM spring summer2022 collection is characterized by refined design visible through clean lines, simplified cuts and geometric shapes. The aesthetic is minimal, wearable and timeless. Materials and techniques: The designer develops graphic prints that are applied using the screenprint technique. Led by sustainable thinking, a designer often works using zero waste cutting techniques, hand painting and pleating.
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Eleni Kavvada / 240791 / RESURRECTION

September 23, 2022|BigSEE Fashion Design Award 2022 – Winner, Fashion, Greece, Wearable art / Timeless|

Inspiration: Resurrection is a collage of life happening, changes occuring, stress, dreams, worries and daily pleasures that I observe and feel every day. It is highly dedicated to a beloved person I lost because of a terrible illness/ this is why the collection kicks off with black, sharp, knifey and aggressive silhouettes and finishes on airy, light, cloudy and bright "resurrected" shapes. Materials and techniques: I love using unconventional
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September 20, 2022|BigSEE Fashion Design Award 2022 – Winner, Fashion, Romania, Step forward|

Inspiration: The collection embodies softness, sensitivity and movement, a metaphor for the contemporary individual in a situation of continuous uncertainty of trying to find himself. The name of the collection suggests exceeding the standard for assigning colors to a particular gender and is inspired by the work of the artist Louise Bourgeois, Pink Days and Blue Days, which invited the viewer into the intimacy of her childhood, suggesting the artist's
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September 19, 2022|BigSEE Fashion Design Award 2022 – Winner, Fashion, Republic of Moldova, Wearable art / Timeless|

Inspiration: „Dear Young Woman You inspire through compassion Empower with unstoppable force Change through the power of unification Dear Young Woman You will do good Goodness; kindness; hope, perseverance No longer will you look to the stars and only dream You will touch them and smile And look down upon a world you have shaped” By Mark A. Leon Materials and techniques: We used the thinnest pieces of plexiglass
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September 19, 2022|BigSEE Fashion Design Award 2022 – Grand Prix, BigSEE Fashion Design Award 2022 – Winner, Fashion, North Macedonia, Wearable art / Timeless|

Inspiration: Pars pro toto, is research project inspired by various artworks from first half of 20th century. From Russian avant-garde and their emphasis on geometric shapes mixed with Dali inspired melting garments and Art Deco Vitrage stained glass art inspired pieces. The inspiration behind the melting garments are the early 20th century opera cloaks created by couturiers such as Paul Poiret and Callot Soeurs with added surreal touch by
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