Cristina Savulescu / SEEN USER

October 4, 2019|BigSEE Fashion Design Award 2019 - Winner, Romania|

  Inspiration: The newest SEEN USERS collection” Made In Romania”, is heavily inspired by Romanian artistic iconsfrom the past, like the singer Maria Tănase or the avant-garde dancer Lizica Codreanu. For the first time, the brand has focused on traditional Romanian costume. SEEN represents the connection between the street wear culture and individuals moods. The purpose of our brand is to reinterpret the commercial dimensions of clothing. We understand the
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Collection SS2019

October 4, 2019|BigSEE Fashion Design Award 2019 - Winner, Greece|

Inspiration: The new collection radiates a sense of freedom, a source of enthusiasm, a naive dynamism, a spontaneity, some characteristics of youth, during which nothing really scares us. Summer colors such as white, beige, bronze, gold, navy blue, stripes and shiny metallic fabrics that remind us of water and ocean. Materials and techniques: Loose, airy and fluid forms combined harmoniously with some more urban clothes with androgynous elements, that
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October 4, 2019|BigSEE Fashion Design Award 2019 - Winner, Hungary|

  Inspiration: A Maison Marquise women is trendy, open for challenges and opportunities of the 21st century yet bears the characteristics of independence, flexibility and love for luxury. The collections are always freshly renewed due to the continuous presence of the brand's classical cuts and always spiced up with new twists. VENUSFLYTRAP Brand: MAISON MARQUISE Designer and / or studio: MAISON MARQUISE Photography: MAISON MARQUISE Materials and techniques: The cuts and style of
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Black Soul

October 4, 2019|BigSEE Fashion Design Award 2019 - Winner, Slovakia|

Inspiration: The “Black Soul“ SS20 collection is darker and more thoughtful. It contains three parts - the first is fully black, the second is brightly colored and the third is demonically symbolic. Their common sign is irony and provocation. Designer every season create special occasion, mood and communication of the topic. Materials and techniques: Various materials embelished with luxurious elements in the form of crystal componnets, fine leather and transparent
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Flutura Dedinja / FLUTURA DEDINJA

October 4, 2019|BigSEE Fashion Design Award 2019 - Winner, Kosovo|

Inspiration: Flutura Dedinja is a 'haute couture' fashion designer known for her unique and avant-garde, many times futuristic style. “Our pulse changes when we see something beautiful, made by our grandmother. But still, there is always room for something new, that one day will become our heritage.” Materials and techniques: Silk and recycled leather, slow fashion and sustainable approach to fashion.  
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Space Imagination

October 4, 2019|BigSEE Fashion Design Award 2019 - Winner, Montenegro|

Inspiration: The “Space imagination” collection was inspired by the reconstruction of the “Home of the Revolution” in Niksic, Montenegro. Through play with shadows, reflections, shapes I tried to transfer the spirit of the buildings into a 3D wearable model. Materials and techniques: Foil for thermal insulation; zippers and sea hair Credits Brand Andjela Nikolić Design Designer and / or
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Aurum Auris

October 4, 2019|BigSEE Fashion Design Award 2019 - Winner, Italy|

Inspiration: I was born and raised in a village in southern Italy, where its culture and tradition characterized my identity. The dress and the sacred vestation are the main inspirations of »Aurum Auris-collection«. The charming mystery celebrated by woman. Materials and techniques: I like to create and experiment; the drapery is one of the techniques that I used mostly. I use only finest natural Italian materials.
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Different Species

October 4, 2019|BigSEE Fashion Design Award 2019 - Winner, Bosnia and Herzegovina|

Inspiration: Different Species collection is inspired by cycles of change in nature, various organisms and their differences. Connection with nature is perceived distinctly by each person, just as Different Species collection brings out the uniqueness of its wearer. These pieces of wearable art are collaboration between the designer Ena Dujmovic and academic artists and printmakers Denis Haračić and Mirza Rahmanović, as a fusion of modern design and traditional printmaking
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October 4, 2019|Albania, BigSEE Fashion Design Award 2019 - Winner|

Inspiration: Under the yellow Sun, lies the majestic Ocean. And it`s waves crush with their distinctive noise. I tried to put all of this in a single coat, so whoever wears it, in fall or winter, can imagine, just for a split sec-ond the beauty of nature. The “Maison Stella Sallaku”, is a sustainable fashion story, where the designer, Stella Sallaku designs elegant and eco-friendly fashion. Materials and techniques: 100%
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Budislava Keković / BUDISLAVA

October 4, 2019|BigSEE Fashion Design Award 2019 - Winner, Serbia|

  Inspiration: Natural processes over tens of thousands of years, which have moved the soil, separated the conti-nents and stacked rocks and waves and stormy winds that changed the surface of the planet, are the basic idea of the OVERLAPPING collection. Inspiration for my work I find in organic forms and dark tones of underwater world, modern architecture and geometry, Japanese culture and art and wonders of nature. Respect to
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October 4, 2019|BigSEE Fashion Design Award 2019 - Winner, BigSEE Fashion Design Award 2019 – Grand Prix, Cyprus|

Inspiration: BIRDS. The last three seasons Afroditi Hera imagined a very unique and definitely modern version of traditional kaftan, that became her “trademark’ Light tunics in natural silk, woven by hand, reversible and that you can shorten using an ingenious invisible system of little hooks. One dress that can easily change from a day time to an evening look, luxury Prêt-à-Porter. Materials and techniques: natural silk, woven by hand
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October 4, 2019|BigSEE Fashion Design Award 2019 - Winner, North Macedonia|

Inspiration: The 'HIYOKU' spring / summer 2019 collection is inspired by the Japanese ornamental art and the traditional way of dressing. The base concept of the minimal is given a more complex and intriguing infusion. Textures, pleats, prints and asymmetrical cuts form sculptural versus soft silhouettes, crafted into contemporary and wearable designs. Materials and techniques: exclusive, highest quality fabrics Credits
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