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October 10, 2024
City Hall,
Mestni trg 1, Ljubljana

Globalization and Cultural Identity in Design

This theme delves into the complex interplay between globalization and local design traditions, exploring how global influences impact cultural identity. The discussion will focus on the challenges and opportunities that arise when designers navigate the tension between adopting global trends and preserving local uniqueness.

How can designers honour their cultural heritage while staying relevant in a global market? What are the risks of cultural homogenisation, and how can they be mitigated? This theme invites participants to share their perspectives on maintaining cultural integrity in design, the role of technology in bridging cultural gaps, and the strategies for creating designs that resonate globally yet retain their distinct local flavour.

Insights from various regions will provide a rich tapestry of examples, highlighting best practices and innovative approaches. The conversation aims to inspire a deeper understanding of how designers can contribute to a diverse and culturally rich global design landscape.

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