Architects beyond architecture: personal interview with Sebastian Mindroiu from studio PickTwo

March 19, 2019|BIG SEE Interior Design Award 2018 - Winner, Hospitality, Romania, Workplace|

Talking to The BIG SEE interior design awardee for projects Heineken Headquarters and TWO by Trickshot, designed by Sebastian Mindroiu and Radu Calin from PickTwo Studio, Romania; Can you start by telling me a little bit
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White Concrete Old House; I/O architects; Georgi Katov, Viara Jeliazkova, Rositsa Hristova│BIG SEE Awards 2018

September 30, 2018|BIG SEE Interior Design Award 2018 - Winner, Bulgaria, Residential interior|

Prior to its reconstruction, this house from the 1920’s was a romantic ruin surrounded by authentic and new-built fragments of ancient Augusta Traiana and rather isolated from the contemporary city, yet in its very
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