Marija Ružić Vukmanić, Ivica Baraba; VAU│Croatia
Business & Design 180°: oct 18, 2018

|12. 10. 2018| Business & Design 180, Croatia|

VAU Marija Ružić Vukmanić graduated at the School of Design, Zagreb, Croatia. After two years of freelance projects in the realm of furniture design she decides to join PES, a creative workshop dedicated to bringing unique metal objects to life. In 2

Jelena Havelka, Jelena Havelka Design│Croatia
Interior & wood design 180°: oct 17, 2018

|11. 10. 2018| Croatia, Interior & Wood Design 180|

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, providing solutions in wide range of residential, commercial and product design projects, from concept design to turn-key solutions, Jelena is the director and principal designer at Havelkadesign, int

Ecomuseum „House of Batana“; Croatia | BIG SEE Awards 2018

|05. 10. 2018| BIG SEE TOURISM DESIGN AWARD 2018, Blog, Creative story and identity as experience, Croatia, Tourism Awards| |

The Batana Ecomuseum is an innovative, holistic and community-based project aimed at safeguarding local tangible and intangible maritime heritage with special focus on traditional boatbuilding. In 2016 Ecomuseum „House of batana“ was recognized for i

Loreta Gudelj (clothes), Mihaela Markovic (knitted bags), Priyanka Desai (jewellery), Naša Posla (shoes) / Arte Studio│BIG SEE Awards 2018

|03. 10. 2018| BIG SEE FASHION DESIGN AWARD 2018, Blog, Croatia, Wearable art / Timeless|

  Inspiration: Arte is a capsule art collection project created on the basis of a collaboration among various international designers sharing the same idea of paying homage to modern and contemporary artworks. This collection was inspired by mod

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