October 17, 2022|BigSEE Wood Design Award 2022 – Winner, Czech Republic, Furniture, Wood|

Štok is an all-wood chair, which does not contain any metal components or glue. It is a simple stool which varies in dimensions and can therefore serve as a bench, table, chair or even a shelf for plant pots. It can be used indoors as well as outside, in private spaces or for example in cafes. It is produced from locally sourced wood which is being replaced by newly planted
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Chop chop cutting boards

September 30, 2022|BigSEE Wood Design Award 2022 – Winner, Slovenia, Wood, Wooden products|

Chopchop cutting and serving boards are handmade from local wood types and can be used for regular everyday cooking or for serving food at some special festive occassion. They are mostly made out of off-cuts. As a sculptor I can play with their shape, that I get from the shape of plank of wood to produce as many waste as possible. Ergonomy and unusual shape with high level of craftsmanship
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Tarta Task Chair

September 28, 2022|BigSEE Wood Design Award 2022 – Winner, Furniture, Italy, Wood|

Good posture is essential to ensure healthy well-being. Tarta task chair offers a seat with an attractive design and a flexible postural backrest to better adapt to the movements of the spinal column. The seat cushion is made of foam rubber and wood: an organic material whose warm tones help create a homely atmosphere that inspires hospitality and serenity. The pivot of the system is constitued by the central
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Hiroi chair

September 22, 2022|BigSEE Wood Design Award 2022 – Winner, Czech Republic, Furniture, Wood|

Visually light and well-balanced, with a timeless design, Hiroi armchair by Janský & Dunděra relies on two simple yet highly refined materials: leather and wood. In fact, this comfortable and compact armchair features a structure in bleached, oak-stained or black-stained solid ash wood with a seat and back rest internally upholstered in leather, available in five different colours. This design is born from the collaboration between Cappellini and these two
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Nafurt Cutting Board

September 22, 2022|BigSEE Wood Design Award 2022 – Winner, Czech Republic, Wooden products|

We love wood, food and we love design. That is why we designed a specially shaped cutting board. It is a great helper in the kitchen and it looks cool as a serving tray under popular delicacies. The main idea of the shape of our cutting board was combining ergonomic parameters with a unique look. The design of the cutting board is inspired by gemstones as we want our clients
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Treehouses Noszvaj vol.2

September 22, 2022|BigSEE Wood Design Award 2022 – Winner, Hungary, Wood, Wooden houses|

Two types of recreation accommodations were constructed near Noszvaj, a quiet town in the North of Hungary. In the first stage, a set of wooden treehouses were built on the site, then the project was expanded in the same spirit, however, with another approach. The second concept, which breaks with traditional cabin construction types, serves as a private look-out tower.The tower offers an unusual spatial experience for a weekend getaway,
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DADA cradle

September 22, 2022|BigSEE Wood Design Award 2022 – Winner, Czech Republic, Furniture, Wood|

The DADA cradle was created as a personal non - commercial project for my son David. Based on reactions of our friends who are also parents, it became clear that the project could have potential for small - scale production. The cradle has normally relatively short period of use, therefore it is designed to be easily disassembled and stored. No fasteners or glue are needed for assembly. It is built
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Slow Wood Collection

September 22, 2022|BigSEE Wood Design Award 2022 – Winner, Furniture, Italy, Wood|

Our SLOW WOOD Collection is fully oriented to the needs of our customers. It is designed in a timeless and minimalist way, so that on the one hand it fits into any interior style and on the other hand it can be used for years. Simultaneously, we are convinced that the more natural and fair the raw material, the more naturalness the piece of furniture will later bring to
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Pietro & Pietro fresh truffles premium packaging

September 12, 2022|BigSEE Wood Design Award 2022 – Winner, Croatia, Wood, Wooden products|

The form testifies symbiosis between the precious mushroom and the noble oak tree from the Motovun forest, through the emphasized similarity of the cross-section of the black truffle and the tree, their dark relief bark, and a light middle. The choice of regular and millennial fossil oak is an association to the millennial age of the Motovun forest, where Pietro & Pietro truffles come from. The choice of wood
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House with Douglas fir columns

September 7, 2022|BigSEE Wood Design Award 2022 – Winner, Czech Republic, Wood, Wooden houses|

"The House with Douglas fir columns" is situated in a magical place close to a birch grove. The owners lived on the plot for many years in the second house. This low – energy L shaped house is slightly recessed in the terrain and the entrance is accentuated by a red door. The columns bearing the roof overhangs are massive and create an impression of stability. They are made of
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Church of Virgin Mary Good Advice, Pohoří na Šumavě

September 7, 2022|BigSEE Wood Design Award 2022 – Winner, City and community, Czech Republic, Wood|

Once place of pilgrimage and a dominant checkpoint visible from afar. Today, hidden behind leaves of a maple alley, it humbly begs for restoration. It longs to be a celebration of the craft and a reflection of his home. Thus, the design of the construction is classic, made of solid elements that are not glued. The church has two ridges representing two nations united by a common faith. From the
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