Haus der Gesundheit – Waldkirchen

To supply reasonable health care for Waldkirchen and the surrounding municipalities, the community decided to build a new medical center. It should contain a general doctor’s practice and several rooms for different rotating therapists. All unities should have barrier-free access. Therefore the building has two levels, each with an easily reachable entrance. The plot is wonderfully surrounded by huge birches, to which the surgery rooms are located, to achieve privacy and security. The building is a timber-frame structure designed to communicate and respond to the strong rural neighborhood and environment.


kontur ZT GmbH

Main contractor for wood construction
Holzbau Aigner GmbH

Anton Aigner GmbH

Year of completion

Waldkirchen am Wesen, Austria

Total area
395 m2

Martina Oberlehner Fotografie

Project partners

Holzbau Aigner GmbH, Harald Seyr GmbH, expert Petric, Augustin, Trockenbau S&H LTD, Josko

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