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This small project was designed and built by KOZ for a summer festival at the Villa Medici in Rome. It crosses classical garden follies in Europe and Japan, with informal livelihoods in tropical areas. It welcomed visitors and the Villa’s artists in residence to play, picnic, meditate, perform, or lookout on the gardens and the cityscape. For an hour or a night, fully equipped with a hammock, a shower and an edible garden. The studio combined digital wood manufacturing with vernacular joinery as a real-life test for low-cost social housing that they are designing in the Caribbean and Central Africa.


KOZ architectes; Garden by: Pauline Rabin Le Gall, Mélanie Ducaroir, Anne Loisel

Main contractor for wood construction

Villa Médicis-Académie de France à Rome

Year of completion

Rome, Italy

Total area
20 m2

Cécile Septet, M3Studio, Alessia Calzecchi, Sophie Lunard, KOZ

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