Interior design of flat Metodějova, Brno

The flat was part of big flat developement. Client required design of interior of flat for rent with basic design, however we have suggested higher standart desing, so the flat could be rented to specific clients. The main aim was to keep the spacious feeling of relatively small flat. The main concept is wrapping the box of bathroom into the oak timber cladding, and hereby defining the inserted volume. The same material is used for floor. Also, faced concrete on the ceiling is used throuhg all the space, highlighting the spacious feeling. It runs visibly from the kitchen into the bathroom through the window.

What makes this project one-of-a-kind?
Same solid timber cladding used for both floor and walls which provides sculptural quality to the design.


Radek Sládeček


Year of completion

Brno, Czech Republic

Total area
55 m2

Jaroslav Hejzlar

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