A collection of side tables SWELL
Bends, angles and waves – the basic principles behind the new Swell collection of multi – level tables made of bent plywood and solid ash wood. The collection consists of four types of coffee tables with their own different personalities. The main inspiration for this collection was the interest in the material of wood with its associated veneer pressing technology. This technology allows for the creation of bent plywood, which is what we wanted to work with in this project. We like to experiment with the form of the conventional products we surround ourselves with and test the limits of the material. Which this year has made its way into Swell side tables, where the tabletop rises and swells.The result is four types of multi – level storage tables on thick solid wood legs that destroy boredom and bring another dimension to the space in your home.


Lexová & Smetana, Czech Republic

Lexová & Smetana, Czech Republic

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