Prague Communism and Nuclear Bunker tour

The walking tour in Prague focuses on history of Communism and Colw War in former Czechoslovakia. It has a city center part with places realted to history as the former communist secret police headquarter, the Velvet revolution memorial, Status of artists David Cerny, the
subway system, the Wenceslas square, history of Jan Plaach, Alexander Dubcek and VAclav Havel. As part of the tour You visit the Nuclear Bunker atomic shelter built in late 1950s to hide up to 5000 people in case of an atomic war with at that time capitalist countries as USA. Today the bunker houses the cold war museum and could be still used in case of a terrosrist attack or distaster as Chernobyl. The exposition focus on history, army, Civil defense and protection and training for a nuclear war, gasmasks, chemical suits, photograps, uniformas, many soviet outlined propaganda items, maps, czechoslovakian retro furniture and much more…


Author of the creative story
Ivan Galik

Prague Communism And Nuclear Bunker Tour

Year of completion
Still in production

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague Communism And Nuclear Bunker Tour

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