Piece Of The Amazon In Manufacturing Facility

The vision of the server manufacturer Wistron was to create a meeting and relaxation space inside its factory in Brno, Czech Republic, where employees and visitors feel as if they were in a green oasis, isolated from the outside noise. We created a two-story wooden pavilion with a workshop and meeting rooms, an outside chill zone with a full-size tree and kitchen, and a viewing platform on the top. And named it The Amazon! It is filled with innovative technology and most importantly always full of life and activity.


Hezkey s.r.o.; Žofia Baltazar, Jakub Klíma

Main contractor for wood construction
PRODAN group s. r. o.

Wistron InfoComm (Czech), s.r.o.

Year of completion

Brno, Czech Republic

Total area
140 m2

Robert Tichý

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