Notino Store, Brno

The interior is designed in warm and pleasant shades of pink colour in combination with the latest technologies, such as LED information panels, digital price tags or sensor bars. This clearly identifies the company as a leader in the beauty commerce world. Sophisticated floor plan of the Brno store provides countless different nooks for presentations of world brands or for cosmetic mini studios. The contrast of wood pattern and white terrazzo is emphasized by the curves in the floor – to guide the visitor through the entire space of the retail unit. An integral part of the project is also the “interior shop window” – an area for the shop-in-shop presentation concept. A quite significant space is also dedicated to self-service cash desks and the online shipments counters – both as an integral part of NOTINO stores services.


Kyzlink Architects; Jan Kyzlink, Zbyšek Sikora, Petr Pospíšil, Lenka Pitoňáková, Malherbe Paris


Year of completion

Brno, Czech republic

Total area
850 m2


Stage 180°

Project partners

Malherbe Paris, Bakof,  GSS

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