Goethe Institut Library, Sofia

When tasked with redesigning the library in Goethe Institut in Sofia architects from Cache atelier faced the big question: What is the modern library function today in the world of electronic books, Wikipedia and Google? Having several workshops done it was clear that the project should be developed around as a gathering space where people can meet, work, hold workshops and various events and yet retain the primal function of a library – a space where people can find the information they need and lend a book.
The new library was developed as a multifunctional and flexible space. All static bookshelves aligned the walls securing vast open areas where completely movable furniture can form various functional areas. Architects designed movable bookcases that can easily separate the space in a quick and flawless way.
Located in a beautiful old building in the heart of the city Cache atelier exposed the raw construction and secured healthy acoustic and light environment for the visitors.


Cache atelier

Goethe Institut Sofia

Year of completion

Sofia, Bulgaria

Minko MInev

Project Partners

Softline, Vitra, Euromebel, Heradesign

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