SOVA is a Bulgaria based architectural and design practice, accommodating the creative strive of Pavel Tsochev and Snezhina Aleksieva. What makes the projects of SOVA distinguishable is the concordance of contemporary materials and techniques aimed towards the creation of quality and comfort, which can be felt and experienced by the audience.
All of the studio projects embody representativeness and refinement, accomplished by great attention to detail and conceptual engagement between single elements and overall vision.
Apparent in the work for corporative clients is the strive for a fine combination between prestige and comfort, which leaves the inhabitants of an office environment with the feel of harmony long after their eyes have adjust to the design.
Although aimed at design culture connoisseurs, the spaces, created by the studio, own a character that is recognizable even for the untrained eye. Good design harbors in the estethic mastering of one’s self impulse, that can also be translated as the art of converting feelings to materials and light.


City Café

City Café; SOVA architecture & design│BIG SEE Awards 2018


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