Apartment MV, Varna

The design of this apartment in the city of Varna presents a cozy and artistic atmosphere on a very small area. The project`s aim was to create a modern look with a slightly vintage look. The bar we left “in the air” catches the eye as soon as we enter the living room. The wallpaper in the living area enchants with a pronounced character and, together with the rug, they create a hypnotic rhythm. In order to “warm up” the bedroom, here we continued the idea with the retro bricks with ambient lighting. To the minimalist white look, we boldly put tables in the shape of leaves in aged metal and blackout curtains in dark brown with a copper sheen. The lamps on the tables are made of natural marble and the retro bulbs are hung in shape with the bed cover. We have utilized the limited space in the most practically way and created a bold combination of interior styles. In the project we relied on moderate to strong contrasts, interesting textures and playful lighting.


Studio ONE


Year of completion

Varna, Bulgaria

Total area
45 m2

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