Tube House

Situated on the outskirts of Bucharest, Tube House blends innovative architectural design with its natural surroundings. Its elongated, low-profile structure integrates seamlessly with the lush treeline and indigenous vegetation of the Romanian plains.

Inside, an unconventional layout delineates daytime and nighttime functions along a central axis, eliminating corridors in favor of a focal passageway illuminated by skylights. The home features a SPA enclave with indoor and outdoor pools, anchored by radial metal elements reminiscent of watermills.

A glasshouse adorned with exotic flora merges with living and dining areas, dissolving boundaries with expansive transparent surfaces. Aligned with contemporary principles, Tube House prioritizes sustainability and environmental consciousness through strategic orientation for optimal natural light and ventilation and the use of eco-friendly materials. Beyond architectural innovation, it embodies cultural and social awareness by embracing local traditions while inspiring future architects and homeowners.


Razvan Barsan + Partners; Razvan Barsan, Monica Cretu

Year of completion

Bucharest, Romania

Total area
878 m2

Anatol Struna

Project Partners

Concept Structure s.r.l., Aluminios Cortizo Romania s.r.l., Eco Roof Construct s.r.l., Kelman Profesional s.r.l., Primo s.r.l., Daikin România s.r.l., Retailer Edal Trade s.r.l., Franke Romania s.r.l., Bruma, Mantra s.r.l.

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