Terra del Sole Agriturismo is located in central Valtellina, province of Sondrio. The area is tightly connected with its surrounding natural context. The goal of the SUITES is to accommodate clientele in a comfortable, relaxing, and pleasant environment, conversing with the bucolic soul of the place and elevating the theme of healthy living.

Two rooms, two spirits, two concepts. SUITE SOLE is an explosion of light, of the sun of course, but also the moon which appears as shadows fall. Light oak wood marries clean lines and surfaces, creating a peaceful feeling. Golden touches enhance the brilliance and refinement of the interior environment. In SUITE TERRA the tones are darker, the atmosphere immersive and tactile. The element of earth (TERRA) is truly present in the environment, both in the colors and the materials. In the center of the room stands a wall of rammed earth, completely free of chemicals and handmade following the ancient technique of “pisè”. The Terra del Sole SUITES represent a stimulus for reconnecting humans and nature, bringing people into an immersive space to regenerate the mind, body, and spirit.


RdN studio; Rinaldo Del Nero

Agriturismo Terra del Sole

Year of completion

Albosaggia, Italy

Total area
100 m2

Marcello Mariana

Project Partners

Concept design: Anna Barlascini
Consultants: Skye Sturm, Cristiano Del Nero, Andrea Mainetti
Furnishing and windows: Bricalli FBF
Plasterboard: 3 Botta
Construction: CLV costruzioni
Building materials: Biomarket srl
Painting: Morella snc
Flooring: Spandrio srl
Lighting: E27 illuminazione
Electric: Ciapponi Impianti
Plumbing: GMT Giugni
Photography: Marcello Mariana
Products / suppliers: Karman srl, Davide Groppi srl, Vesoi, Ritmonio, Wall&Deco, Elitis, Claytech

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