“Play Tirana” is an Urban Design Product developed by POLIS University, Tirana, during two weeks of workshop with students of 3rd Y Design and 2nd Y Engineering, led by Dr. L. Pedata; E.Leoncini, E.Luca, E.Myftaraga. The aim of the product is reconstructing playful childhood memories by reusing abandonment materials. The module is composed of a seat tied to a system that allows it to produce energy through its oscillatory movement.The kinetic energy produced by the oscillation of the swing is converted into electrical energy through the system of a bicycle dynamo, usable also in charging electronics.The structure is built entirely of wood, with basic elements supporting the structure of the platform in order to facilitate its use and seat.The elements consist of a front wheel, bicycle, dynamo and pinion. The chain is tied to a sturdy rope, connected to the seat through a metal ring, a full water bottle is placed at the opposite end of the string chain.


POLIS University

POLIS University

Year of production

Edi Duro

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