Albanian POST HQ, Tirana

Located at the heart of Tirana City, Albanian Post HQ, is an appeal, a demand, a claim and a scream for a novel articulated voice into ever evolving media environment. The naturally lit offices are organized into vibrant wire-free spaces which have been adapted into an unusual building shape making room for all three departments of AP – management, editorial and technical.The lighting concept of the common spaces is inspired by the Albanian Prime Minister unreliable media label – trash drum. In such sense, the washing machines drums are re-designed into lighting fixtures assembled in groups, identifying journalistic gossips.The outmost emotion navigates through each working-place with the “Information Wall”, which is built with ceramic striped tiles, exemplifying the raw data entering the editorial room, further elaborated and communicated to the public. The wall is enlightened by Fibonacci rhythmic reflectors, illustrating the uneven circumstances where each information case occurs.



Albanian POST

Year of completion

Tirana, Albania

Total area
960 m2

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