A pet is, above all, an extension of our own self. It is an awakened desire to take care of someone and voluntarily face the discomfort of responsibility. In this way, an individual enters adulthood and gains certain level of personal maturity. The price we sacrifice will return in the form of immeasurable and unconditional love of a being which does not take care of us in material way, but it helps us balance the ergonomics of our own spirit. Now, in a time of pandemic, when interaction with other people is limited, this connection is more important than ever before.
Adulthood and responsibility naturally deviate from youthful rebellion and at some point, reasoning and taste become conservative. Demands for living space will become higher, and expressive otherness will be replaced by quality, purity and honesty of the material. The Buddy is a simple pet house that is supposed to be a design addition to an interior of a certain standard. The elegant Buddy on high legs is intended for a cat that playfully jumps into it and observes the surroundings from a higher position. The short-legged house is for the energetic little Jack Russell, and the shed lying on the ground belongs to a panting pug with big eyes. The Buddy is produced by Javorina co. in Vysoké Tatry in Slovakia. This company specializes in the serial production of oak and walnut furniture. Special attention was paid to the details of the “perfectly machined” construction, so that it is sufficiently stable. The removable magnetic top provides wide user comfort even when cleaning.


Dušan Kočlík

Javorina v.d.

Year of production

Monika Zaťková

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