MODULO – Ecological disinfection device using diamond nanotechnology

September 2, 2023|BIG SEE Product Design Award 2023 – Winner, Product design, Slovakia, Work|

Developed during the COVID-19 pandemic, the regenerative disinfection system Modulo replaces chemical disinfection with environmentally friendly application of carbon nanomaterials for hand sanitation and air disinfection. Module 1 provides sensor-controlled purification of air by
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Cyril and Methodius Route – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

August 8, 2022|BIG SEE Tourism Design Award 2022 – Grand Prix, BIG SEE Tourism Design Award 2022 – Winner, Creative story and identity as experience, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Tourism|

The Cyril and Methodius Route is the first route focusing on Slavic cultural heritage recognised by the Council of Europe. It builds on more than a millennium - old cultural tradition, which provides a lasting
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Conversion of Jurkovič Heating Plant National Cultural Monument, Bratislava

April 19, 2022|Architecture, BIG SEE Architecture Award 2022 – Winner, Public and commercial architecture, Slovakia|

The solution highlights many historical construction details, the original rugged columns and especially the dominant three hoppers, for which the reconstruction created an original representative space with materials in their original "roughness" and colour. New
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