Conversion of Jurkovič Heating Plant National Cultural Monument, Bratislava

April 19, 2022|Architecture, BigSEE Architecture Award 2022 – Winner, Public and commercial architecture, Slovakia|

The solution highlights many historical construction details, the original rugged columns and especially the dominant three hoppers, for which the reconstruction created an original representative space with materials in their original "roughness" and colour. New
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Korzo Zálesie – Embankment revitalization of the Little Danube river for free time activities, Promenade Zálesie

February 17, 2021|Architecture, BigSEE Architecture Award 2021 – Winner, Landscape and urban space, Slovakia|

Story of rediscovery of the Little Danube in Zálesie. Multi-year project gradually step by step transforms neglected river embankment into live village promenade. Space enables walks in the nature, local fauna and flora discovery, offers
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