AYI PUB – A New Modern Pub

Located on the ground floor of a building in Kadikoy Pier area, AYI Pub is open to the outside through two facades, the Neset Omer pedestrian crowded street and the pier front on Albay Faik Sozdener Avenue. The modern pub concept was created with a strong atmosphere through material selection and layout focusing on user profile and a sense of belonging to the space. AYI stands out from other pub projects by using less wood and emphasizing the concept of community and sharing in the layout. The bar is positioned slightly away from the center of the space towards the Neset Omer street side in order to create a visible mass from the street. The beer barrels located at the bar side contribute to the design of the entrance and supply the bar with the designed mechanical pipe system. Mechanical and electrical equipment played an important role in the final material selection of the bar. Front stand of the bar is covered with wire electric plates, and irregular curtain-like custom bent aluminum sheets are used on the front of the bar. The backdrop of the bar is completed with mechanically bonded black sheet metal and mirrors to provide depth.


BARN arch.


Year of completion

Istanbul, Turkey

Total area
194 m2

Studio So-Alt

Project Partners

Contractor: BARN arch.

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