National Theater of Opera, Ballet and Popular Ensemble

The National Theater of Opera, Ballet, and Popular Ensemble, situated in Tirana’s “Skanderbeg” square, underwent a significant rehabilitation project aimed at fostering vibrant social life and preserving cultural heritage. Despite its historical significance, the theater initially suffered from poor conditions and outdated aesthetics. The project sought to modernize the theater experience in Albania while respecting its heritage, blending old and new architectural elements.

The revitalized theater now hosts a diverse range of cultural activities and boasts enhanced visual connections with the city square, featuring open spaces that transform into public areas during performances. Seamless communication between different areas enhances the visitor experience, while vibrant interior designs amplify the journey. The theater also meets international acoustic standards, meticulously crafted with contemporary technology by the Belgian studio Kalhe Acoustics & TTAS.


Atelier 4; Alban Efthimi, Altin Premti, Olsi Efthimi, Xhenisa Ajazi, Klesta Qirici

Ministry of Culture & Albanian National Territory Planning Agency

Year of completion

Tirana, Albania

Total area
6.557 m2

Marlein Topciu

Project Partners

Structural engineer: Arian Lako
Mechanical engineer: Spiro Drita
Electrical engineer: Dëshira Mena
Technology & acoustic design: TTAS theatre planning & Kahle Acoustics

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