– The IT factor of a country: the spirit of a country, the 4Es – Exotic, Eclectic, Eccentric, Emotions
– Wearable art / Timeless: stunning fashion cut constructions, conceptual clothing, well elaborated colours/patterns/prints
– Step forward: technological improvements, usage of new modrne technologies and materials / Slow fashion – stands for designing, creating, and buying long-lasting garments of high quality – “eco”, “ethical” and “green”
– Inspirational – visionary: the Award is granted by Zavod Big to those individuals who enrich and inspire the world of creativity, tend to move forward by pushing the design boundaries, and help to encourage the creative environment in the region of South-Eastern Europe. Their activities represent a significant contribution to the role of design in the region, and due to their efforts the South-East European design has been put on the map of the greatest design achievements. We are all overwhelmed with emotion and deeply touched by these visionary leaders’ creative work which ignites our passions and steers us in the right direction to bring out the best in us.
Curator: Metka Megušar Bizjan, Assistant Curator: Maja Filipič

The winners will be announced on the Month of Design Big SEE Awards Ceremony, October 16, 2018.