Straw Flea

The property – the castle park in Murstetten – is an extraordinary place with historical significance and an eventful history. Parts of this history are still recognizable today in fragments. The site retains its rough, wild appearance and is extended by a small installation in the form of a weekend house. The new building plays free of the surrounding buildings and stands as a solitaire self-confidently and naturally amid the historical remains The project follows a holistic sustainable concept in planning, use, and implementation. The house is elevated and only touches the terrain via screw foundations. This means that no ground surface is sealed. Most of the materials used come from the immediate surroundings. The wood, both for the structural elements and for the surfaces, comes from the client’s forests and was processed in the neighboring sawmill. The building is insulated with straw, which also comes from the immediate surroundings, from a regional farm. Heat and energy are generated by the photovoltaic system on the roof.


Juri Troy Architects

Caravan Atelier

Year of completion

Murstetten, Austria

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